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Information for Tenants

jmsHOMES is committed to providing quality homes to all tenants. With this in mind we hope you find the following information useful.

Frozen Pipes, Oil Lines and Heating Systems

With the recent very cold weather you are advised to follow these guidelines to minimise the risk of burst pipes and broken heating systems.

  • Turn your OFCH boiler down to 60degrees.
  • Keep your OFCH system running for most of the day and intermittenly through the night.
  • Do not leave the heating turned off for more than 2 hours at any time as this will allow pipes and oil lines to freeze.
  • If you are leaving the property unoccupied you should always turn off the water at the stop cock. The location of this is detailed on your Rent Book Particulars Sheet which was provided to you at the point of signing in.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

jmsHOMES are currently working closely with all our Landlords in order to maximise the number of properties that do have CM detectors installed. We have appointed BM Gas Services to supply, site and install CM detectors on our behalf. BM Gas are calling our tenants direct so please expect a call. If you do not receive a call please check the criteria listed below to ensure you actually need to have one and if you're still concerned please call jmsHOMES on 028 9446 6431 and we will be happy to chat about this with you.

Homes that are recommended to have a Carbon Monoxide Detector should meet one of the following criteria:

  • the house must have a gas appliance or gas heating e.g. gas cooker, gas fire, gas fired heating, etc
  • the house must have a coal fire e.g. open fire, glass fronted fire or stove
  • the house must have it's ofch boiler located inside the house e.g. inside the rear hall. etc
  • any combination of the above.

Tenant Insurance

Endsleigh offer specialist policies for all situations, whether you are living in rented/shared accommodation, buying your first home or just looking for the most competitive price, Endsleigh will find the best policy from their panel of leading insurers: Click here for more…

Emergency Contact Numbers

The following tradesmen can be contacted direct after 5pm, at weekends or during Bank Holidays when our offices at jmsHOMES are closed:

  • Electrical problems:
    Mr Kris Kelly - 078 7234 8934
  • Plumbing and oil fired central heating problems:
    Mr Stephen Keys - 077 8066 5537
  • Gas installations:
    Mr Johnny Newburn (Newburn Boilers) - 079 2010 6547
    Norman - 075 4050 2304

NB: These numbers are for emergencies only and should not be used for any repair that can wait until the next working day. If you call out a contractor for something which does not actually need to be repaired, then the callout fee will have to be paid by you personally.